Monday, August 4, 2008

Another change of direction.

Sorry folks I got a little behind here. A little before the King meet, I realised the Texas meet dates had changed and co-insided directly with my parents visit. I reluctantly acceptted the reality I could not make it and juggled my schedule. On the way home Sheena, long time college friend was in the country and had been trying to meet up for some time. I had been in the back of beyond and moving around quickly, from one remote place to another. Now I was retruning home and her schedule had opened up too, everything came together and a few days later she was visiting me in California. She was hungry for some adventure, and the first day we wore ourselves out cyling to trailheads.

and briskly walking a couple of local interesting trails.
Sheena has heard me talk of Hang gliding for the best part of 12 years. Now it was time to try it.
We flew off Mission peak above Feemont. It was a poor day for flying, we could hardly see across the bay and the lift was allusive and broken. Launch was easy, and flying is flying. We did turn a few circles and climb 600feet before coming back in for a landing. It was a good sample of flying like a bird, Of course I always want more :)
Saturday was a great day to go out kayaking from Santa Cruz. Here is seal rock just by Steamers lane, the famous surfers point and lighthouse museum.

Sheena was pleased to visit the sea otters in their natural habitat.

All to quickly, her visit was over, but I think she will visiting again soon!

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