Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well it has been a busy few weeks here in Texas. Much of my time has been spent working on the website for the Hang Gliding school we are putting together ThermalRiders, it's a work in progress still, but has the basics at least. Between that, testing out the equipment and teaching, there's not been time for much else. Having said that, I did get to check out San Antonio a bit more, the art gallery has a sky bridge with a view of the city, the building itself is the old Lone Star Brewery.
Last week I designed and put up some posters for Faulkers pub. Which hopefully will get a few more folks interested in Hang Gliding locally here.
Driving back from Luling we stumbled on this gasoline station, I think it was still in operation, I don't think they take credit cards though ;)
Finally I got out and about yesterday, Kit, my partner in crime took my by the Gruene Hall, a famous music Hall.
Looking at all the old photos I look forward to seeing some of of the music I like here.
Gruene also has a nice river running through it, which deserted at the moment is packed in the summer by people tubing. Easy to see why.
Locally there is a strong German influence, New Braunfels hosts a "Wurstfest" I don't know about how traditional that might be in Germany ?
There was plenty of Sauerkraut and German beer on hand, it certainly was a popular festival.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lookout Halloween

The folks at Lookout Mountain really know how to throw a party. I know that from the last time I visited, the hospitality is outstanding. I'll let the picture speak for itself.
Since first seeing this ramp in May, it had a strong allure over me, generating huge desire to run off of it. (better to do this with a glider).
I was so pleased to get to fly over the fall colors.
Even more pleased when the sled ride I was expecting at 5:30pm in November turned into a boaty soaring flight.
I flew out to Trenton along the path of the May Tornado, the grey leafless path up the mountain is the route we both took. (right hand side of the picture) Interesting that it was a good "lift line" this flight too.
Back passed the launch ramp.
The sunset lit up the fall colors very nicely - wow, what a day.
I am stoked with this flight.
There's the launch ramp again.
Darkness approaches, time to get down.