Sunday, May 5, 2019

Flying with Carmela

I'll miss the consistency and convenience of California coastal flying.

The day was overcast, great for smooth consistent air not so much for photos. A trip over to Westlake, shows the cliff edging its way closer to the windowless church. Looks like it lost another lobe to its parking, just one unusable lobe remains. 

Camela joined me on her spiffy new sport 3.

I flew around and took in a few different angles. Here over Mussel rock.

The wind was southy and bouyant so the glide back to Funston put us pretty high.

Fun to go exploring the space over Daly city golf course.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saying goodbye to Chris.

Although not in person. Chris died in a situation the confounds the best of us. Why was he there at devils slide, so low? He was a good pilot and knew better than what the situation appears on the surface... He was a good swimmer by accounts, he was seen in the water out of the glider. So many questions and no answers. Two weeks later Friends and Family were pulling together a ceremony. 

Three of us released Chris one final time to the wind, to become part of the nature he so enjoyed.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Biking Angel Island

We set off from Tiberon Dock on the Ferry to Angel Island around 11am, the weather was perfectO ! Note: it is Dec 29th. Goal to ride around the perimeter road of Angel Island and stop at the touristy spots. (We missed the bell)

Light offshore breeze this day, so clear views. From and around the Island. Golden Gate Bridge to the south.

looking over at Richmod and the San Pablo Bay.
The old abandoned buildings at Fort McDowel.

Quarry point beach and future fishing spot for Jeff.

Hey Sand !

Rick n' Rena with us in front of S.F. and the bay bridge to Treasure Island.

Hey Steps ! (different level of appreciation here)

That's the last climb (I'm pretty sure). That's Berkley behind.

Taking in the view of SF (Ghirardelli Square if you look closely) over Alcatraz. Golden Gate bridge and the Marin Headlands.

It's a pretty quiet trail, today at least.

Coasting back down to Ayala cove and dock. 

Mostly coasting. I mean it's on the coast, right?

It's cool there's a bar here :) Have a beer while we wait for the ferry.

Pretty good dining view from Tiberon. Exceptionally pleasant day :)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Tahoe Rim Trail

Back to Tahoe! what's not to love ? The goal of this trip was to ride the Tahoe Rim Trail. I had done a section of it before, on the previous trip I learned there was a shuttle up to the trail head, which makes it doable for the family.

Always a bit of an adventure, taking a trailer bike on a trail I haven't ridden myself before, but the length and reviews made it sound doable, but with a challenge factor.

The scenery is outstanding and worth it alone. Check the video, and ride along with us for a sample.

Washoe Lake on the east side of the Carson range. McClellan directly across the lake.

Maddy is getting bored of the ride to school and is ready to got back, even though it's now under about 24 feet of snow (at time of writing this).

Always good to end a ride with a hot tub :) Aaaaaaaaahhh

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Maddy Rides the Marlette flume trail.

Tahoe is one of the first places I visited when I moved to the US. The first impression of WOW hasn't faded one bit.

The water clarity is stunning, and there is so much more. Saturdays plan was to ride the famous flume trail.

We started the trail after riding the shuttle up to Spooner lake from . Max provides an excellent and friendly service there.

From Spooner there is about a 2.5 Mile climb ~1000ft to the saddle, and back down to Marlette Lake.  

I don't think there is an ugly lake in the vicinity of Tahoe... 

Even in the hail and sleet it was still beautiful.

The old log flume started right here.

And this is where the trail gets absolutely spectacular.

There might be better views of the lake :)

The trail itself is surprisingly smooth, and almost perfectly flat.

The rock formations are dramatic too.

The view does not get old.

Moss in the trees.

Changing Aspen.

And just like that we were done and next to Tunnel Creek cafe with lots of yummy food.

Time to relax.