Monday, April 18, 2011

Charging Electronics & Travelling

I am sure many of you have had this situation before when the power brick takes the space of 2 or 3 sockets, well, thats a non-flyer!You got a Phone, Laptop, Radio, GPS, Vario, Camera and probably some other stuff too.
Here is my cheap and cheerful solution.
Last year while in Oz and Europe I found it very useful to have a little power chord with me.
When in Oz and Europe I took the cord, cut the male end off, and put a local adapter on. (Laugh at your own joke here). The top one I use in Australia, the bottom is French and works in Italy (but not Germany). Most adapters are 110v-240v, but not all (especially the vx150 which I blew up) So do check what you plug in. I have some friends coming from Oz any day, and I reckon it would be useful to bring a cheap cord with you and put on a US end.