Monday, October 19, 2009

Magical Mistycal day at Funston

The Day started off rather hopeless, conditions deteriorated after I got there. Wind was light and switching, there were large pockets of sink and the cloud deck was lowering. However it all turned around after 2:30pm The wind strengthened and straightened out and was perfect for flying Tandem. A weak wave formed up over Westlake a couple of miles to the south, we headed down there, knowing the chances of making it back to top land were slim. No big deal its a short climb and worth it. Our glory was sitting there on the wave cloud right behind us in the buttery smooth air. Charlie was flying around us with a big grin on his face. My thoroughly spoiled student got to fly for about 8 mins in the fresh Autumn air. We even made it back high enough to land on top.

Also in the news today was the Good Morning Americ ABC news clip put together from footage in Big Spring Texas. Niels Dachler did a great job of weaving the footage together into interesting segment. Check it out :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McClure - Oktoberfest 2009

Outstanding hospitality curtousey of the Mother Lode Sky Riders this passed weekend. There were more pilots and people than I remember in recent history. The club does this twice a year with an open invite hosting a number of different skill testing competitions. Speed gliding, spot landing, pylon course, Cross country and the infamous "WHACK" award. I was pleased to see considerable entusiasm for all catagories, Whack - no exception, thankfully no-one was hurt. I overheard someone say "I tried not to yell "WHACK" but all of a sudden I was overcome, just couldn't keep it in me". The club also BBQ's for all the pilots, which in turn creates an awesome social environment at the end of the day. It is great to see this event going from strength to strength over the years. It creates a perfect scene for the new pilots to meet different clubs. The club deserves a whole hearted thank you from all of us visitors. Especially Dan, Jay, Brian, well heck all of those guys. A highlight for me this weekend was the speed gliding event. I put in a good time on the speedgliding course. Brian had the fastest time (and a new course record), but since he made the prizes and "has too much practise" I was given 1st place. Well Brian watch out! Now you've guilted me into justifying the title, I'll be back and faster! Heh Heh Heh. Here is the video from Carmela. Thanks Carm :)
I was able to take a couple of excited students up for a tandem flight. From the size of Crystal and Lise's smiles I'd say they had a good time. Carmela also made a nice video of the general event.
Some more footage from a different angle.

McClure Oktoberfest 2009 - Speedglide

Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to the Beach

Another fun day at Marina Beach. I missed yesterday, having some work to do. Today though, the wind blew straight in for a good 6 hours. Trey was there tearing it up. Donny has a new helmet, and looks like he is flying even faster. I took his girlfriend (Terry) up for a couple of flights and flew 4 miles down the beach, and came back too ! Which is good, 4 miles would be a long way to walk with a 230 sq foot sail in a 15mph breeze.Trey shot some video, of us flying full sail flap down to sand city and back. Interesting to see a slider landing from above on video. The wing completely yaws around from mostly downwind into wind - no flare obviously.

Trey Kropp