Friday, August 22, 2008

Day4 - doherty slide

At the end of windy Wednesday Blackcap glassed of and there were nice conditions. However I had other plans and got a massage for my shoulder. It was excellent! I would love a few more of those. The headquaters here at the Hunters Hotsprings have lots of great resources provisded by Mike and Gail. It is really great being here and having all the pilots in one spot.
Thursday was a fun day, we called a route over doherty slide, toward Winnemuccamucca.
It goes over high desert plateau. launched at 6200msl and landed at 5700msl.
Crossing over these cool drainage patterns.
Here's Bruce with my excellent ground crew :) We stopped at Doherty launch to check it out on the way home.
Fun day Zippy, Jeff and Bill made it to goal.

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Unknown said...

What a fantastic looking ground crew you have there! (A bit Myndless truth be known but Hey Ho) ;)