Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marina on a bouncy day

Marina was challenging on Saturday, I put the video cam on the "wobble mount". Ha yes It definitely needs some damping.

Marina on a bouncy day.
Wind was wsw-ssw at 6-16mph with mixing air - Far from ideal. But it surely did keep things interesting.
For most of the 14min flight, I was thinking I might land any moment.

But since I'm at the beach that doesn't matter too much, one can almost land anyway.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Funston on the Freedom

Sunday was mostly an overcast day which makes for smooth coastal flying but mostly drab pictures. Now and again though the sun poked through a little. This glider really comes to life with a little sun.

It was fun flying the north cliffs. 

Flying her in the sun makes me think of peaches, So that has become her new name.

Erosion has created lift all the way to the zoo.

Peachy flys like her name, lively and docile, what fun!

Nice day at the beach.