Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nice cars

Back in February we went to Blackhawk motor museum mostly because my Dad was here, but it was cool to see some engineering feats from the past.

The Aston Martin was by far my favorite.

But clearly there were other automobile milestones, where manifestations of engineering, craft and vision all came together to deliver and new master piece, or benchmark for others to follow.

This one is for my Mum :) I could totally see her driving this, or having someone else drive it for her. Not fussy ;)

Here's a german tank, a fast one and probably pretty capable of road looking at the mechanics. What a beast.

A classic Jag look.

Weird Italian styling, Alfa Romeo and Lancia, feel free to go look at the website, style is not my interest...

A pretty impressive and diverse sample of classic European automobiles.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mum goes flying

A huge event for Mum happened a couple weeks later. Having watched flying the best part of 35 years, an opportunity came up that couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't be missed.

I took her flying, not just any hill either, it was a good 3000 foot sized hill. The air was warm and calm, vegetation green. Perfect day ! Everything went to plan, I can't say whether the smile was enjoyment or relief. Since now the pressure is off from years of saying "I'll go next time for sure". Either way great memories for each of us. ;)