Monday, March 24, 2008

Four tows and a foot.

Finally some good flying weather. Aero-towing out at New Jerusalem Saturday, started with some choppy air then smoothed out with some nice lift, in the Afternoon. I am guessing Gregg our tug pilot towed about 50 flights in one day. The choppy air was good practice for the upcoming competition in Arizona.

Sunday was a fun day too. The same fun crowd all travelled to McClure and flew. A soft inversion at 2800msl and a hard inversion at 3200msl made for some fun and challenging flying. The new WW falcon gets a way better glide than the older models.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Fine Stew

After feeling a bit crummy, I decided to make myself a stew.
It came out great !

1 lB cubed beef.
4 or 5 cloves of garlic
pint of guiness
pint of water
3 red potatoes
5 sticks celery
4 or 5 parsnips
quite a few carrots (probably 3 or 4 hands full- chopped)
a couple of leeks


also I finally finished an artical for a local hang gliding mag.
That is my chin on page 1 also :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bruce leaves for Reno !

My flying buddy Bruce and his wife had one final party before moving to Reno. I will miss having him close by.
Diablo was the place to fly this weekend, however I stayed local and enjoyed the pleasant coastal weather. Here is Waddell from the south.This is the old Davenport Landing at sunset.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday : light at Marina - blown out at Waddell.

Sunday was also a really fun day, light at launch but nicer down the dunes toward Monterey. This is Stephen cruising around with Vicky and another bag pilot.

This is Donny on a hot mylar La Mouette topless.
The performance gap was large compared to my old Pac Air pulse.Lake Ct is one of two spots you can top land. It was a really pretty day.
Here is some of the crew Eric, Ken, Steve, Donny, and Stephen. Another big smile day.

Mission Peak, Freemont, Ca

Saturday was a great day to fly Mission, I ended up launching about 2pm and landing 5:30pm. The wind was almost coming straight along the ridge but there seemed to be abundant lift anyway.
Thats Eric infornt of Mission peak. Cloudbase was 3400msl to start with, it dropped to near 2200' by the end of the day.
Again it was possible to fly up the leading edge of the cloud. For some reason I failed to capture a glory... Next time!
I tried to set a course constisting of the water tank to the south, launch and the pool of Olohnes college. The latter almost put me on the ground out there.
The lift was really smooth all day.
The camera was set to take 100 pictures at one minute intervals. I happened to notice the camera about to take a shot just once.I took this one freehand just before landing.