Saturday, August 17, 2019

Chapin Pass Hike

Time for another walk in the Rockies, this time Chapin Pass from : 40.4348, -105.7305 another stunning hike.

The pass and back is about 3.5Miles, not so far, but at 11,200ft the thin air makes it a good work out.

We started pretty early, and off season, I imagine parking gets difficult.

And even though it was 88F in the valley, it was bitter cold with the wind chill.

I think we got some sleet at some point. There's a reason these hills stay green ;)

As we left the shelter of the trees the wind was gusting about 45mph.

That made taking a steady picture a challenge. Chapin pass is a scooch over 12,000ft, from there facing south east you can see Estes Park, and the plains on a clear day. 

On the way back down I took the lower more sheltered route.

Above the Alpine visitors center anchored into the mountain. To the right Ypsilon Mountain and the Mummy range.

back down to tree line.

Beautiful meadows.


Elephant flowers.

Well nourished Elk, winter is not far away.

Down the west side of the park are some more different formations. Poudre Lake and Milner rocks.

Fly catcher (I think)

At lake Irene.

Milner rocks again.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Golden, Colorado

Another weekend, another hike! But this time with company, great company.

Starting from Golden, pretty close to the landing zone for lookout mountain. In the background is *the* Coors Factory.

We hiked up Mt Galbraith, over our shoulder you can see one paraglider making a few figure 8s over launch.

A cooper hawk catching a little lift. And a view of Denver to the east.

On our way down in the heat.

The Golden girl in the foreground , the Golden town in the background.

Nice trail, and time for a cool off in the Clear creek, which turned out a bit more sporty than bargained for. All good fun, a quite refreshing I will say :) Now I can say I have passed through more water that is made in to Coors, than Coors passing through me - haha

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Fern Falls and Cub Lake

Another great day to get out for a walk, in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Original plan was to hike from Bear Lake.

But, we didn't get going in time. The parking lot was full before we even got through the park entrance. 

So after a brief re-plan I found another trail that might be accessible, and we went for it. The 8.5 Mile loop went up to Fern Falls and back around Cub Lake.

As it happened there was a shuttle bus, that pulled up as we left the car. Took us a Mile up the busy dusty road, which was nice to avoid.

The first park of the trail meanders with Thompson creek. Then climbs from the pools, up to the waterfall.

A quick back track to the pool, and around to the south side of the valley.

This side had a completely different feel. It had burt in the last few years so was sunny, and the wildflowers and raspberries were abundant !

Also still climbing and right at the Montane elevation

Plenty of water from snow melt and afternoon thunder showers. The flowers and butterflys are loving it.

Butterfly Balm. AKA Horse Mint.

Maddy the Eagle, over Cub Lake.

Lots of Lilly pads on Cub Lake.

Nice to have the cloud shade, I bet it gets hot here on sunny days.

Can't help but smile walking passed all the wildflowers. So colorful.

The red rocks seem much redder in real life.

getting back down in to Moraine Park Meadow land.

Lots of good beaver terrain.

Nice variety of spectacular terrain, views flowers and geology.