Sunday, August 24, 2008

tip wand in the desert.

After helping set the Hart mountain task, I went to set up my glider and found only one tip wand. Oh No ! I had left it in the dirt after landing in the sage brush near doherty slide! I sent my parents to grab my battens from my other glider, but Wayne rescued me having transported Ben Rogers glider for the meet. I borrowed it and came 3rd for the day. I was stoked and exhausted by the drama and the flight. Hart mountain was stunningly beautiful. Alas I did not have my camera this day.


Anonymous said...

did you retreve that wand?

sounds like you flew very well....what were the final standings?

Paul Allen

wind burns & earth turns said...

Jeff OB found it last night using lat/lon and his desert tracking skills.
1. Zac
2. Jeff OB
3. Dave Gibson

very high standard of flying at the top.
Very much fun had by all :)