Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saratoga Gap

Saratoga gap, I haven't ridden here in probably 14 years. Now it is a palatable drive from the new lodgings.

With the recent rains the grass is turning almost green and the strong winds knocked down the old leaves. It was a beaut of a day.

Last time I rode here Dean showed the way, I remember it being fun, but no clue where we were :) So no change there then...

The lighting on the north side with the fresh washed Madrone trees was spectacular.

Out on the west side was pretty too. Grassy hillsides with views of the ocean.

fresh fallen leaves smelling good.

Late in the afternoon there were still some patches of frost.

just beautiful trails... 

Some times you just have to stop and take in the view.

Heidi only hugs Madrones she says.

The Bank, now a pub was last a bank in 1958. A great place to stop and warm up and relax on the way home.