Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Award ceremony

Prizes were made by the one and only Liza Tate.

On the podium :

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________________1st____________2nd _____________3rd______
Class 1_____Zac Majors_____Jeff O’Brien_____Dave Gibson
Sport class__Jon James______Karl Yates____Christine Nidd
Female____Christine Nidd
Rigid_______Bill Vogel

The pilots.
The paparazzi.
The Drivers.
Zac taking in the weeks' events.
Gail and Katie enjoying the wonderful party and food the Gail prepared for the masses.
The Lasagne was awesome. No Onions especially for me!
100 others had no onions either. It was delicious! Everyone was clearly having a great time. Mike and Gail really went above and beyond to make sure everyone had the oportunity to enjoy themselves - it surely worked !
Zippy, OB & Katie.
A little later on in the evening...
The following morning in the dinner bell.
What a great week :)
Final goodbyes.

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Anonymous said...

Your photos suggest that 'a good time was had by all'
I'd like to have been there

Paul Allen