Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

A little desperate for some Christmas air, here we are at Mt Tam in a SSE wind, it was blowing 28 according to my 6030. It was easy and fun for about 12 minutes. Thats S.F. off my right wing tip.
Then cloudbase dropped 800ft or so and staying up got a little more challenging. Thats Chris about to launch from "A" launch.
A beautiful spot none the less in some different conditions, eaking out about 38 mins.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

At Home

The weather has turned and I've found myself indoors a bunch. After 5 summers in a row I am kinda ready for some downtime... (I think?)

I recently dug my old bed out of storage since our current bed is soft and unsupportive, and now sold on Craiglist. I like working with wood so sorry if this a little on the dull side ;)

Its mostly made from 4"x4" Local Redwood. with 1"x1" pine, for the slat supprts. And cheap 3/4" x4" bendy pine slats. I totally over engineered but it came out looking nice :) The new mattress is part memory foam and some other support foam, no springs. I like it.