Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sea Otter Classic 2015

Somehow I left Texas without doing one of their famous mountain bike races. It's taken me this long to get into another race. I did this same race back in 2001, But it has changed quite a bit, maybe 10x the number of people for a start. I heard 35000 people was the estimate. Just getting there and registered, and to the start line on time was probably more intense than the actual race ;) They say it's the biggest bike event worldwide.

I entered the same cat3 class but in the 40-42 age range, I think I was 27 yrs last time! I had a pretty good race, but spent a fair amount of time waiting to pass. Considering the number of racers on course all going different speeds it wasn't so bad. The course was a little under 20 miles and 2700ft elevation gain. It is a pretty cool feeling to start and finish on the famous Laguna Seca raceway. 

11th in the end (in my age group) I was pretty happy with my time. Maybe again in 14 years ?

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Mom went for an Easter bike while Maddy and I hiked around the park. We found some Lupine to frolick in. I thought the field was plenty big enough but Maddy decided she needed more space.

I didn't see that coming! Not that there was anything bad on the other side of the fence, but she went through faster than I could, and with a head start ! Rest of the hike was nice. Pretty in the spring.

The grass will probably only be green for another two weeks, and that is with Tuesdays' forecasted snow.

This canyon is much prettier in real life. Guess I didn't quite get the angle right. But I'm keeping it anyway.

Got a nice flight in a Marina Saturday. - Well kinda, I was rough and scary towards the end of the flight. But the pictures cam out nice regardless ;)