Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dinosaur 2017

Dinosaur 2017 - maybe the last national hang gliding event held at the location. This is really the kind of flying I love, even though it doesn't make for the best competition environment, the sense of wonder and elation from the dramatic views and weather really leave a lasting impression.

While I flew here the year before, the flights I managed and the pictures I took did not do the place justice. I was glad for a second chance. (I would go back and free fly)

getting up over launch, the views and colors are other worldly, you could argue that the geology, altitude and method are.

The route eastward follows the Yampa river, which I would love to raft some day. The canyon and colors are more vibrant than the grande canyon, though not the same scale, not so far off mind you.

There seem to be 3 main bands of rock types from plateau to river bed. Each its own colour and texture.

One of the days the task was cancelled, however I didn't find sink to get down in so I flew in a 18mph headwind 20 Miles back to town without really turning. Again the views are amazing.

Another day I was unzipped and ready to land next to the road exiting that canyon next to big John, only to find a ripper get me back up and on my way to goal.

Goal ! Turbulent along the way though, probably a convergence boundary.

Home for the week, pretty peaceful although the flys were entirely anoying.

Another flight looking into the Yampa Canyon.

A low save along another red arc. 

An almost goal in Steamboat Springs, 120 Miles an almost goal.