Thursday, November 28, 2019


It hadn't finished snowing at this point but we were on our way to 26" snow in 14 hours !

Some 6 person picnic benches with three future snowmen sat at them ;)

It was difficult to walk and sled in the snow at this point.

The regular foot trail into town. 

Perhaps not the perfect ski hill, but it's close to the house ;) never mind the fire hydrant and road at the bottom.

Of course Maddy liked the jump. Most landings worked out great hahaha.

There were some others... but everything ended in maniacal laughter.

I took a few runs myself.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Kruger Peak

So many great hikes here but this one really shone through. Perhaps the combo of company, weather, scenery, terrain and geology.

Maybe the level of expectation was set to Ummmm? With two 5 year olds and a heavy first snow just prior, what would we find ?

Well, we got lucky! Spectacular day!

Maddy and Viv did great, egging each other on up the mountain.

Almost there and still keen. The rocky outcropping is the Kruger peak.

Longs peak suck through the clouds a couple of times just before a few snow flurries set across the valley.

The last scramble up is like a secret passage, and what young kid doesn't love a secret passage ?

The view up top is special in all directions.

North-West toward the "Needles" above Estes Park. Rocky Mountain National Park in the background.

South-West toward Longs and Meeker Peak, and Back down we headed chased by some snow that did no more than threaten. Mustn't forget the Cherry Pie restaurant in Pinewood springs. Note to self : mountain bike trail through Hermit park looked pretty darn awesome at least where we crossed it, check that later !