Sunday, September 4, 2016

Around Twain-Harte

We spent Labor Day weekend up in Twain Harte. It was Maddy's nap time when we got there, so Rick and I went and visited the local fire lookout. It was really interesting seeing what the daily job is like. Of course 1 hour is considerably different than 25 years!

It's tricky getting good shots through a telescope. I've clearly got some practice to do. This is Three Chimneys from 27 + 3/4 Miles away

I wonder how much radiation is emitted absorbed there.

Sunday Rick and Rena took us over to Columbia State Park, I had no idea this place existed. It's a great place for kids to get a feel for some history.

There are lots of exposed granite rocks exposed to climb on. Maddy really enjoyed that. The rocks are exposed from the Hydraulic gold mining back in the day.

The whole town is preserved as a living museum. Surprisingly it is free. I hope it stays open and maintained.  

Maddy eventually conceded to some role play.

Down the road at Ironstone winery, there are some neat relics from the gold mining era. Some pretty serious gold was found by this rock muncher.

This forty-four pound specimen "Gold pocket" Ironstone's Crown Jewel was held onto despite an offer of $20 million.