Monday, October 31, 2011

first autumn in 17 years

Here we are at Lookout Moutain Flight Park, since passing through in May, I wanted to return and fly. Never would have thought it would be so soon.
Tired from the drive Jamie and I went and checked out the fall colors at Cloudland Canyon State park, instead of flying.
I don't recall seeing a deciduous autumn since leaving England all those years ago.
The vibrant colors and smells, brought memories flooding back.
Our timing was good on the evening light too :)
Tomorrow I have a go getting some in air shots.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

journey stories

A trip cannot be without stories...

I left on this trip cutting a few corners after running out of time... Or perhaps having different priorities ;) Anyway I didn't get to giving my tyres the attention they needed, and it was not a huge surprize when one went flat in Texas with just 7 hours to go. I had to move a whole lot of junk to get at the spare and the jack, but the drizzle had eased so no big deal. Resting the spare up against the trailer, I wrestled the jack out of the truck. About then I heard tyres on gravel and assumed the local hiway patrol was rolling up to check on me. I pride myself on being resourceful and was thinking how I did not need any help, pleased that all the tools were working well. Only, when I looked up there was no trooper, just my spare wheel slowly accelerating down a hill into the endless on-ramp of I10, I dropped everything and took off after it, flipflops slapping in the drizzle with wild abandon, this thing was picking up speed! I had to get it before the steeper part of the hill, or best case it would have been a hour walk, or worse? A lose wheel on the interstate? Well I got it, and had a good laugh at myself, for the instant change in attitude from "cocky" to "f&*$%k!!!" and was thankful for my better luck. That could have gone worse...
Soon enough I was again on my way.
Next - Lookout Mountain Flight Park - Georgia.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am ALIVE !!!

It has been a crazy month, which has left me me feeling very much alive. Right now I am driving across the country from San Francisco to San Antonio, Texas, my new home to be. A relationship ended, some couch surfing ensued, lots of work, a new special friendship started with explosive energy, mountain biking, hang gliding, music and some walking, packing and reorganising. I made good with my old job working tandems, and will start anew in Texas. I am sad to leave the San Francisco Bay Area and all my friends of the last 17 years, but am excited to start something new that potentially be something I can be proud of. More about that soon...
Loaded with as many toys as I could fit.
California - I'll be back !

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thoughts on Santa Cruz Flats Meet

Right up until the last day I had flown well and scored well. Pleased I was, until I got a little ahead of myself.
Day break.
Seeing a dust devil ahead, I took off and a few others followed, we had not quite topped out the climb. Flying over where the dust devil had been we felt not much of a burble uh-oh. Continuing on, finding some chop I continued on looking for the real climb, keeping an eye on Ricker who had wisely stayed in the chop, searching for the core. I found something but it was too small to work, seeing Ricker start to make some progress upward I headed back. I found nothing and was down to 400ft. I landed and watched as one climb later pilots were getting to 15,500ft. Sometimes 5 seconds can make all the difference. And has been pointed out to me sometimes 1/4 second can make all the difference. Leaving the gaggle was a mistake. A great meet regardless.
The Davis and David duo.
Back on day3 we ended up taking shelter from the gust front in the Bent Prop Saloon at the Eloy infamous Skydive centre.
Here is the gust front coming through just as I had zipped up my glider bag. Interesting to see the lifting dust being on the trailing edge of the front and not the head. I am thinking perhaps this may have been one gustfront catching another... perhaps. Either way good to be on the ground.

Top 10 pilots O.B. taking the meet. Excellently flown.
Check out Bretts Video too, gives a great prespective on flying this Arizona meet.