Sunday, January 31, 2010

A tranquil day at Devils Bluff

I didn't have much hope for flying this day, but while we were washing and putting the kayak gear away, I felt a distinctive breeze on the back of my neck. My intuition was right - Waddell had turned on, not much but enough.
We rallied up there setup. Ryan John and Dave were flying. I had a quick testfly to see what the air was like, then came back down to get Jess.

John got a set of really nice shots, while Dave and I shared the air. Thanks John !

You can see John's blog here. Jess was really happy with the 15 mins flight, we got to fly with her favorite birds, Pelicans !


Anonymous said...

Nice Ben. Whats up with all the pelicans I've been seeing on the coast? They have been acting really strange too.

west coast brit said...

Hmmm dunno, there are many... some are migrating, some resident.