Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Elephant Seals at Ano Neuvo

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to get to see a Colony of Elephant Seals in peak season. Female Elephant Seals pretty much get pregnant right after they give birth and spend all but 3 years of there existance in some stage of pregnacy. Males fight for the action, only 10% of them win 80% of the action. Keeping humans away from the colony, has been key to the impressive population. Monday was Jessica's last day, and a ride in wilder was the goal for the day. The weather was perfect.The ride does start with a fair bit of uphill, that proved not to be a problem.
Good views from the Wilder Ridge Lookout. Its really green up there at the moment. Plenty of water running through the creeks and canyons. Lots of cool things to see, Newts, Banana slugs, Fungi... A fun day on the single track and fire roads north of Santa Cruz. A good think to do on the last day.

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