Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Dish

Our team has been staying at Lens place, outside Forbes in Rustic Australia. The stars are amazing out there. For those that have seen the movie "The Dish", the facility is just outside Parkes. Yesterday we flew north 92km and back. At least that was the task, however during the day a 27km southerly developed and made the return quite challenging.
The storms probably created the southerly draw. I ended up 8km short, after 6hrs 41mins and drifting 10kms backwards, ... But I found a nice place to land, and they gave me a beer or two :) It had 43'C during the day !


Anonymous said...

You've become an accomplished photographer!

Paul Allen

Anonymous said...

I can't be sure I got 6 hours in all of 2009 :-(

Keep on keepin on buddy!

Darren said...

Helloe Ben,

It's Darren, your team mate from Manilla last year.

I'm not going to Manilla due to work committments, but If you need to camp for a few days on the way, you are welcome at our place at Maitland (30 min from Newcastle).

Phone No same as last year, or email.

west coast brit said...

Hi Darren, just a short trip this year, heading back to California from Forbes this year. Thank you for the offer though, and give me a shout if you travel to California, or where ever I might be ;)