Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 5 - Never give up !

Pilots briefing. 3 consectutively worse starts yesterday. I had a slight advantage yesterday as the top 20 pilots were forced to take the second start. I decided the day was improving so I waited for one more start clock. However I ended up lower and farther downwind. It was 15 min after the last start clock that I really got going :\

So, I messed that up!
Most of the flight was survival mode, it took me 6 hrs 12 to get round the course, I was spent! I managed to dribble along downwind toward goal in 40feet per minute until I had 12:1, I got to got with 100m to spare.

I suspect I will be sore straight off the cart today.

Jonny is doing a much better job of blogging the event :


Ryan Goebel said...

Nice dogged determination..
Good finish Ben!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Wow wow wow wow. Keep it up bro!

C R Valley said...

Boy, that mentoring I've been giving you has really been paying off, eh, mate?

west coast brit said...

Thanks especially Chris, I try to listen but sometimes it doesn't stick. Looking forward to a refresher course :) Especially on the speed gliding.