Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wilder Ride

One of my all time favorite places to ride. It has such diversity, beaches, views, steep terrain, plateaues, woods, open grassland and wildlife to boot. This loop is about 12 miles. The trails are : Wilder loop -> Enchanted -> Eucalyptus -> Old Cabin -> Englesman, back to the ranch.

Some how we manage to pick the warmest days to go riding, but since it fairly close to the coast it doesn't get too bad.

No Mountain Lion or Bobcats seen today, though the grass is so brown we might have been right next them and not known.

After my mountain bike was stolen at Christmas I've been riding my old fixed frame bike, quite a difference! Certainly can't go charging off into the rough terrain like I have  absent mindedly. 

Cooling off at the beach after, and then off to Santa Cruz Mountain brewery to sample their latest and greatest.

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