Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whidbey Island

Next up on our tour was a visit to Heidi's friend Jen, out on one of the San Juan Islands.
Island life is pleasantly disconnected from the mainland hustle and bustle. The 3 days we thought we visit somehow turned into a week or so... Jen showed us around all the sites.
And Kayaking in Penn cove.
 The Washington coast is pretty unspoiled, and has a good amount of wildlife.
My hopes of seeing Orca though were perhaps a little ambitious.
 We paddled into Coupeville and had a pint.
 And paddled back.
Washing has a lot of trees and a lot of rain, and a lot of driftwood. A lot, everywhere !
Deception pass is a touristy spot, some interesting weather started there.  
This is what Heidi looked like when I caught up on the bridge. I encouraged them off that bridge quick smart as the storm was rapidly approaching.
Later on that evening we headed into Anacortes, at which point the storm was in full swing. Thunder storms are a rare occurance on the coast there, and every time there was a strike, the entire bar would cheer and clap. That is, until there was a very close strike that exploded nearby by and the power went off. The ensuing chaos was quite entertaining :)
Some nature spots you may want to stay in the car for !
 That is way to many pesky flys, Mayflys I think.
I'm glad they weren't mosquitoes though ! At dusk there were plenty of them.
 Swimming in the clear fresh water lakes is refreshing and popular. This was Whistle lake.
A fabulous week, thanks Jen !

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