Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mt St Helens

Just a little south of Seattle, Mt St Helens lurks in the clouds. Its pretty deep in the Cascade mountain range.
I remember when MT St Helens blew in 1980, ash collected on the windshield of our car in England !
The visitors center is pretty neat to visit with a movie theater about the goelogical history of the mountain, and the ecological recovery since the eruption. When the movie finishes the curtain goes up and reveales the view behind. A neat wow effect :)
Heidi and I went for a hike down to Spirit Lake, the lake with thousands of trees still floating around from the blast that knocked them in there. 32 years and it's still quite barren and other worldly.
This chipmunk likes his home though.
Again we lucked into a tremendous wildflower bloom. There's always a spring bloom to be found at some elevation.
Its is visually stunning still.

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