Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twin Citys.

Ever wonder where that is ? Wonder no more, in Minnesota, Minneapolis is across the Mississippi river from St Paul. Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes.We explored a few :)
Amy had some discount tickets for Kayaking around Lake Calhoon, I cannot recommend the concession stand! But the kayaking was way fun. We paddled from Calhoon across Lake of the Isles and into Cedar Lake. 

The Lakes were plenty warm enough to swim, and the water was mostly clean enough.Being on or in the water is a great way to get over travel lag.

In the previous 48 hours we had driven 20 hours, missed a plane (standy-by), gotten turned away from a rental car counter. Rode a train that broke down, rode the back up city bus full of drunks at 1am, and caught a taxi that needed some direction, we did however finally get there. It was great to meet Heidi's friends.
Next up a family fishing trip to Ballclub Lake. Fishing is not among my skill set, but I do enjoy being on the water. 
The fish to catch are Walleye, though Northern pike and perch were all we were catching.

We had several storms roll through, each of them quite spectacular.

Maybe not quite so conducive for fishing though...

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