Friday, August 24, 2012

Chihuly in Seattle

 Here we are in Seattle at the Chihuly Glass exhibit.
 Heidi was eager to visit. I'm glad since I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially with her perspective.
The glass-work is impressive, not just in creativity but actually physical size, this one is about the size of a school bus.
Out side there is a sculpture garden that the creations sit in. Thinking about about why what was placed were in terms of architecture fascinates me.
And pondering where art meets engineering, and the team negotiations that created the exhibit. 
Having the vision is a gift.
We had dinner at Pikes Place Brewery, after a short tour of the city. Seattle is a fun town to visit.

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Heidi Ho;) said...

Chihuly is the best in the world!! A must see if you're in the neighborhood. Ecstatic is more of a description for me being able to see this exhibit:)