Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A nice rest day

The rest of the group charged up Copper Mountain on Memorial Day. After flying nearly 10 hours the previous two days, and the likelyhood of the wind blowing over the back, and the road up being blocked by snow and not much sleep, I convinced my group to head for Traverstine Hot Springs for a morning soak. It did the trick for me. Returning to the car, we heard pilots in the air on radio, cool, the trek payed off. We thought we might get in on some action, but the weather had deteriorated as forecast. We checked out launch anyway. After a spot of Lunch at the Tioga pass resort, we got a hot tip on a short walk up a 11k peak. At first it looked like a bad idea, trudging through the soft wet snow. But pretty soon we were at the top. Copper Mountain is now behind and in the cloud. A very fun weekend for all of us !

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