Saturday, May 9, 2009

Final day of Flytec Rally at Quest.

A few days have passed since the last update, unfortunately a my teamate had a bad landing and broke her arm into 6 pieces. Hearing half the call for help I tried to get closer for better reception. Unfortunately I flew at a tangent to her position, thinking she was on courseline. The move put me on the ground and ouut of communications entirely. I should have stayed as high as I could, just for relay. Lesson learned. The e911 service is what finally found her after a hour. Thats a long time to be upside down with a broken arm. Linda is already recovering and in good spirits. Healing wishes to her.

The end of that day, the weather turned bad, and the rally did a U-turn to quest, so we could get a couple more valid tasks in.Yesterday was a great day for flying. We flew 25kms south, back 43km north, and back to Quest. This morning the Blue eye boys, did a photo shoot for their sponser. Jonny, Dustin and both Jeffs gave a good show coming across the lake.

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