Friday, May 22, 2009

Cycling in Santa Cruz

I got hit by a car yesterday (I ride my bicycle to work most work days)
just the mirror on the elbow, but it startled my pretty well, and one more inch closer and my elbow would have had a large piece of metal go through it,
and may or maynot be still attached to me.

Its not the first time ( I've been commuting by bike for 12 years) But the driver geered, clapped and continued driving. After stopping and collecting my thoughts, I rode on shaking and irratated. Its one thing to get knocked, but deliberatly?
Five mins later I saw the same truck parking. I stopped thought about what to say. I asked him. "So, what happened there?"
He said smuggly "you hit me".
Well that was too much for me, considering I was riding straight along a quiet street and he came from behind with the whole road to use.
911, "yes hello, I am involved in a dispute after a hit and run"
I tried to restrain myself and let the officer do the rest of the mediation.

It was difficult...
My motivation is to make the roads safer, and a more attrative option than getting in a car. While one driver at a time isn't going to make a noticable difference, I feel like I did the right thing. I really wanted to let the air out of his tires.
I am fortunate enough to be uninjuried and able to head off with the intention of flying in the Owens this weekend.

I think I am venting ! Regardless I beleive public humilation should be brought back as a punishment. So here he is... Some villages in England still have stocks in the square.

On a happier note here is a link to some video footage I have been waiting to see.
You HAVE to see it


C R Valley said...

Sometimes public humiliation is the best medicine...that and pressing charges, I hope. Glad you're OK, Brother...

Anonymous said...

And, to think...there were only redneck-racist in the south!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... we are such different people which is probably a good thing. I can attest that in a somewhat similar situation where I wasn't even hit nor on a bike a few years ago... yeah I threw the first punch and don't regret it a bit (I think he does though heh).

Glad you're ok man. Have fun in the OV!

steve said...

what an ass! that would have really shaken me up too. There are some nutters out there.