Monday, May 4, 2009

Flytec Rally - Day 2

On day 1 of the flytec rally we flew up to Quest from Florida ridge. Its about 126 miles and passes over some really nice country. Lots of lakes and tidy towns, and many Landing options too. I don't have any pictures as i have to concentrate on just the flying, unlike jonny who makes video as he is flying along. Check out his blog for some great clips.

Day 2 started, where we landed the previous day - Quest. No need to break down, retrieve or even setup in the morning. Luxury :)

The seabreeze blew in early and strong prevented all but a sailplane from making goal at Williston. Up until that point it was fun though. I got to fly with Jonny and Jeff a bit. Tomorrow we continue our journey north 146 miles into Georgia.
Fun, fun, fun.
results are in : Not quite sure when I became Canadian ?

Davis has a good account of the weather and the day, and a link to an amusing video too.