Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to my cosy forest cabin

I went for a run (more of a walk actually) and there was some pretty light through the trees and clouds this morning. There are lots of people I would like to see, so I think I should have a party saturday evening, what do you think ? The trip back was fairly straight forward except for detained at both ends. 10 mins in Sydney (96 days on a 90 day VISA) I didn't really have the 10 mins, but gott away with it, not sure why they didn't catch it on the way in, I didn't change the flight dates on the VISA... Oh well...
On the US side, 45 mins for absolutely no reason I could figure.
I asked and the answer was "step back behind the line Sir"
So I did, then asked again and the answer was "please sit down Sir"
I thought if I asked again I might get tazered...
So I sat down and asked again across the room :)
They asked me if I had other passports, or changed my name ?
Then they asked when I left, and well I couldn't really remember, not exactly... Anyway eventually I dug out my out going ticket stub, surprized I still had it, gave it to them. They said thank you Mr Dunn and gave my passport back.
"Can I go now?" "Yes"
Ah America - you gotta love it...

Its been a while since I was here, the seasons have changed, here is the pistachio tree in the fall. Spring or is it still late winter ?

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