Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nip Tuck

It was hard to bring the scalple to the sail on my glider, but this is what I did. My glider has had a flutter for a few months. It started at 50 km/hr until I flipped the inserts in my tip wands a month ago. That moved the flutter up to 75km/hr. The newer Litespeed models have a pocket sewn into the trailing edge for mylar inserts. The older models do have two layors of sail in the same spot. It was suggested that I could open up a pocket and slide in some mylar. I opened it with a very sharp seem picker, you have to be very careful to not damage the top layor sail cloth. With the mylar slid in the sail is quite flat. Of course you should remove the inserts before rolling up the sail. I haven't flown it yet and won't be able to until it shows up back on these shores.

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