Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From riches to rags

Yesterday (Task 4) was a very challenging headwind (20km/hr) task of 89km. I was surprized to make the 2nd turnpoint after getting stuck in the venturi between two ranges of hills for nearly an hour. I was even more surprized to make goal after getting a 6:1 glide for 18km and needing 7:1 for 20kms. Even more surprizing still was that I was the only one to make goal! I was pretty happy when I found out this morning.

Task 5 today I did not do so well, and from what I have heard I made the same mistake as a few others. Not picking a good courseline. The first 70km went by very quickly (straight line task 90km) I continued at the same speed and flew into the blue hole and sank out. The line to take would have been 5km east (quite a large detour for only 30kms to go....) I landed 8kms short, weaving my way through trees for a downwind landing. Hmmm better check those down tubes tomorrow morning.

Here are the results so far

Jonny has some good stories to tell on his blog here :

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Anonymous said...

Great flying Ben!

Anonymous said...

What fun you are having!

I enjoy your blog.


Brian Foster said...

Nice going Ben!