Sunday, March 8, 2009

El Diablo

Saturday the wind was light and north - good conditions for Diablo. I went up there with Ryan, rode up with Matt and Terry -thanks Terry :) We met up with Robert, Kevin, Matt, Mark, Steve & Mike (on launch) at the towers. Mark on his rigid over Mitchell Canyon, off to the right is Mitchell Cyn LZ, Clayton and the plateaux LZ. Mission was looking good for about 45 minutes too, that's over there under that nice looking cumie. It was a nice clear day (for the bay area). Looking SE towards Tracy. I flew for 1.5 hrs or so then headed out from Diable to join Matt at the Lyme ridge LZ. Its pretty close to downtown Concord with the Sacremento river behind. The Lyme ridge LZ is on the right (west) side of the creek. What a great day :)


Anonymous said...


Good to see you at Diablo. It was indeed a fun day.

That was Mark, in his rigid that you got on camera - not me.

I think I had chosen to fly out to the Concord Pavilion and back, while Mark was slowly letting himself sink out to land.


Ryan Goebel said...

That's a great shot looking back at Diablo over the the Lime Ridge LZ...