Saturday, May 28, 2011

Texas Single Surface Shoot Out 2011

This May turned out to be a windy one in Texas (as well as a few other places). I am learning this may be typical for the time of year here. We did get 2 flying tasks in. One to the north-east the other to the southwest.
photo by Sandor
We had only 6 pilots in the meet (3 local Texans, 3 out-of-towners). Gliders - 4 Northwing Freedoms, a WW Falcon, and an older WW Harrier. Launching and gaggling up was instantaneous, after all we had 2 Dragonflys at our disposal.
Dan launching - photo by Sandor
That's a crazy! A 3:1 pilot to dragon fly ratio. 10:1 or 12:1 is more typical. And for a meet to be cost effective that is what one would want.With the wind being strongish, we decided not to have start times just a 5km exit cylinder. After flying with Dan for a while, I ended up alone the first day, with Davis and Chris starting ahead of me, I would never see them, only Davis made goal (a couple of low saves in there).

flying over the San Marcos river that flows through Lulling.

Day 2 was a much nicer day, dryer fresher feeling air and nicer thermals. The whole meet was towed into the same thermal. Flying here with Stephan and Dan, Davis and Zimmy are overhead up top, and Melvin last to tow up below and climbing.What fun 6 gliders is a fun number of wings in one thermal 5000ft tall. Top of lift was about 5500ft msl.
in a great thermal with Zimmy & Davis.
We really only had 2 long glides getting down to 2k (1500ft above the ground)
We flew passed the Seguin airstrip, and over the Guadalupe river.
And into goal (La Vernier) , I thought I had Zimmy beat but turned out I had my instrument set to 400m goal and not 1km. d'Oh !
Taking a 15 min later start helped me win the day. Very fun :)

Davis has a much more detailed write up here for those that want more.

With two more windy hot days, day 2 results stood, I was unable to do better than 3rd.

Congratulations to Chris Zimmerman the new Single Surface National Champion.

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