Saturday, June 4, 2011

When not flying in Luling

In nearby St. Antonio, the Alamo, a keystone in U.S. history.And the riverwalk, while touristy has some nice sights to offer. One can ride a barge around to learn some history.
Not a bad place to eat either.
And then there is the San Marcos river, which is spring fed, so the water is quite clear and good for swimming, and canoeing. Our trip was a 6 mile stretch, we rented the canoes from the Zedler Mill river park in Luling.
It was lots of fun. I think Joel, Karen, myself, Randy, B and Al were on the water for 4+ hours.
This trip concludes at the Dam in Lulling,
A good place to swim, cool off and generally lark about.
The beach is a little farther away, but has the USS Lexington which one can tour. I wish we would have had time. Perhaps next year.
The beach proper can be driven onto with the right vehicles and credentials.
Lots of folks do it.
It was a great day to be at the beach :) A huge thanks to Joel for the tour.
Other things we didn't get to : watch the bats fly out of the Fredericksburg old tunnel in the evening.
The well published water melon thump festival...

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C R Valley said...

The Alamo! The place where Paul Revere raced up and down the streets to warn the Mexicans that we are armed and that they should not try to fight us! Ah...history. Glad you had a good trip!