Friday, May 20, 2011

Mid-west championships at Enjoy Field

Here we are at the Mid-West Hang Gliding Competition. With a very chilly start to the week, (34'F), the air has warmed up tremendously.(79'F - though it feels warmer than that). Joe has a very nice facility here that would comfortable handle many more pilots here near Chebanse, an hour south of Chicago.
The grass is so soft and green, even the ditches are soft and green here...
The first task was set yesterday. I free flew the course for fun and practice. Its quite damp on the ground here, the flooding to the south has been in the recent news.
Not many of the fields have sprouted crops yet, which seems strange to me in the middle of May.
Just through the start gate I met up with Dan Gravage, we floundered around in garbage air, until the cloud moved over us and sucked us back up from low.
To cloudbase, and back on course with Revo too.
Another low save over a small bonfire.
The trick yesterday was to try and stay over drier sunny ground, with a cloud slighty to the east and some kind of thermal trigger in the field. Yes Dallas a thermal trigger ;)
Well maybe a "thermal wick" totally different ?
Anyway made it around and back to the beer :)

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