Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rallying into South Carolina

The last two days of the Flytec Race and Rally continued to have excellent weather conditions. 2 more really good and challenging tasks were set. Including a big downwind dogleg task of 194km (around 120 miles) to Vidalia.I didn't take many pictures as I was focusing on racing, we did fly down this interstate 16 to infinite.
Another day another goal. Landing at the Onion capital of the U.S. I was concerned before launch, but had no reactions in the air like I have in the past. Pollens collect and become more dense at the top of lift, which is where we spend a fair bit of time.
That night we ate at a really cool "Tree House" resturant, the mood and food was fabulous.
Pilots meetings have been very civilized as the local airports have been very welcoming.
Goal of the last day was in South Carolina on the far side of a forest/swamp/river crossing. Never did I think I would make it as I arrived at the edge in shade less than 1000ft, but I found a lethargic burble that after 25mins got me high enough to pucker up and go for it.
The final day looked to be a wash, so pilots checked scores and we headed to a local park.
After a nice swim, the presentation started. Jonny won, with Paris in 2nd and Carl 3rd. All results here

I was pretty happy with my 15th place, the field of pilots was exceptional and the points spread close. The terrain we flew over was new and different, I set up on Monday in Florida, and broke down on Friday evening in South Carolina. Amazing flying, amazing memories... An experience of a lifetime. Thanks Jamie, and all the others that also made this happen.
Do check out Jonny's in air videos.

And of course the official blog.

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