Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Onto Lookout

From South Carolina we headed west to Lookout mountain, home of the Inspirational (one or these years) goals of the rally. On route we passed through some of the tornado damage areas. It is wide spread, this damage is 1/2 mile from Lookout mountain flight park.
You can see the tornado track through the forest, the leaves have been striped off and wood snapped up.
We got to launch, just as this guy was launching for a shorter flight than he had planned on.
I got to help out with my first tree rescue. Nobody had a figure 8 though... Otherwize we could have had him down in minutes. Might be a good thing to add to my list of carry around stuff). When Mountain rescue arrived they preferred we not help while 30 of them stood around for 30mins not doing anything in particular. We left for a hike.

Cloudland Canyon State Park is where we went it was surprisingly pretty. Just 5 miles from Launch.
A very manicured trail. Paris, Konrad and Randee hiked down to the waterfall.
Rhododendron, red sandstone and waterfalls, very photogenic :)
Someone build this huge staircase ! Was probably a good half mile of lumber...
We finished the evening off at Canyon Grill, Claire Vassort. A huge thanks to Dean Funk for putting us up, and up with us ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ben -

I made my living on rope for years before flying. If you don't have a figure 8, you can use a 'biner and a muenter hitch.