Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Single Surface Shootout

-In the meantime we're going flying.

Here is a meet where better pilots are brought down to an equal level, onto a glider just about any Hang Glider pilot can fly. A great opportunity for an up and comer to fly with great pilots and learn from them. Alas only 6 pilots ? There are 2 Northwing freedoms sitting idle here. A spruced up Malibu on the rack. And after day 1 Davis is not only in 1st but has a 600 point lead.

First task results (click)

Are Hang Gliding events becoming finacially out of reach for most?
Is it that the HG population has shrunk to the point where 6 pilots might be what we expect ?
Could it be that corporate america has a strangle hold on folks that want to fly competitions but only get 3 weeks vacation per year?
Are competitions just not cool or fun any more?

I will read your comments, should you leave them.


Nathan said...

Ben -

Awesome you requested comments.

1st, it was nice to meet you yesterday.

2nd, where do I get this job with 3 weeks vacation? 10 days is more standard.

3rd, I have spent the last 4 years enjoying a progression in flying. I love my T2c. I do not want to step back to a SS glider. I do not want to spend my already limited flying time on a wing I don't want to fly.

4th, if it was an open class, you would have seen me in the air yesterday.

5th, Texas, especially central Texas has nice air, but May is a roll of the dice. The last 2+ months have been like this week. Hot, dry, and honking wind for 4-5 days then a few decent days. Never thought I would say it in Texas, but I can't wait for summer.

Go far today!!


Dan Gravage said...

Hi Ben,

Yes, sanctioned meets are expensive. Tow meets especially, as I recently experienced. No doubt this has an effect on participation. I planned for it well in advance, both in terms of time and money. The weather didn't allow for everything I'd dreamed of, but I knew that could happen when I signed on last winter. Even so, we had a wonderful time meeting new folks and soaring some new countryside. No regrets at all.

It's not corporate, but I have that job that allows for (only)3 weeks off per year, and this year I will use two of them for hang gliding comps. I feel fortunate that I can.

In my book,comps are definitely fun, which in turn makes for cool. Competitions are the leading edge of the sport, if you don't get in one once in a while you're not taking advantage of all the sport has to offer.

Great to share a termic with you again, and looking forward to another session in the future.


Anonymous said...


You clearly love to combine HG and competition, but it's not like that for me. I fly for the pure joy of the natural experience. Competition is for sports and plenty of other mundane aspects of life. HG is where I'm free of all that!


Anonymous said...


You need to update your blog for those of us not on Facebook. And no, I will not join. Stephan

west coast brit said...

jeez, no rest for the wicked...its a work in progress & clearly worth waiting for ;)

west coast brit said...

thanks to RM Dan and Nathan for their feedback. I have collectted other feedback too. I'll write up something on it soon.