Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-Worlds 2010 Monte Cucco

Being here is a dream come true. A dream I never gave much credit until last year. Getting here was an ordeal I am slowly begining to comprehend. But is an experience of a lifetime, it really is amazing to fly with so many really talented pilots. 130 in total I think. There are many amazing sites from the air the Gubbio that we visited a couple of days before. Some terrestrial pictures to follow. We have had 2 good flying days so far. Very testing courses in my opinion but I am a relative newby here.
This is Costaccairo, a village still on my to-do list. Our campsite is quite close by.
The mountain to the right was the final turnpoint on yesterdays task. Quite deep in tiger country, and just over the back is a huge monastory. No pictures because I was in a 1200fpm ripper 200ft off the spine!
Task 1 was tricky for me as I was a bit rusty and messed up the start. I had to go back after 13km and start properly, there I met the Jeffs, Zippy and Alex, who pretty much left me behind immediately. I seemed to make some different decisions and catch them at the turnpoint only to get dropped off again. Again I found them at the next turnpoint, and so on. The run to the far waypoint was under some airspace which is difficult to navigate with everything else that is going on (the gaggle flying, the no-mans land crossings and waypoint navigation) With all this many got zeros for the day... Here was the task : Results are here : http://www.cucco2011.org/ You have to dig a little for the results in the tabs.

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