Sunday, August 29, 2010

The great folk at the British Nationals

Me and my team mate Ron, enjoying the easy launch at Aspre on what was to be the last task.Malcom Brown (3nd), Dave Mathews (1st), Pedro (3rd). Results will be around here at some point. Winner of the Kingpost class and top placing female Kathryn with Pete Coad, Honourable Meet Director and British team coach I beleive.
Dave Mathews winner and new British Champion. That trophy has some history!
Parting shot from the camping goal field. Fun times :)And now it is time to short pack my glider and be a tourist for 10 days with my girl Tracey.

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C R Valley said...

Geez Ben...what could you be doing to not be updating your blog a little more often?

; > )