Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St Andre

A couple of days ago now my Dad took my up to the Hang gliding launch up above St Andre called Chalvet. It was a special day as I rarely get the opertunity to fly with my Dad. Conditions looked great, launch was easy. Lets go ! We were flying with a buddy of my Dads. Ron had launched earlier and was hanging around for us. The plan was to go north and return south to the Chammette. I followed Dad north, Ron was struggling a little, Dad and I found nothing but sink to the north. I went out into the valley and got hammered down to 4k, Dad worked the burbles up to near Ron, who was now skying out. I found a climb that took my nice and high and went "over the back" only I went over a different back than Dad and Ron. I headed for the Chamette, almost completely the wrong way. A bunch of other pilots were flying the Chamette also which I beleive to be Dad and Ron. Half way along the ridge and lower Ron said "Chamette - no thats the wrong way, we went north". Meantime Dad was landing and everyone around me was sinking out. I found a burble to work with some guy flying a laminar. We worked back up nice and high and I head back to Launch. I snuck around the side, and got to launch about 600ft below. Not bad at all. I worked my way back up, the day had turned on properly now and getting to 8000ft, I had where my Dad landed on glide (Thorame-Basse). I headed that way and got another climb back to 8000ft (no sense in passing that up) Dad suggested I explore Cheval Blanc a bit. A neat mountain, the ground around there is really ripped up. Cheval Blanc stands about 8000ft and I'd gotten to 9000ft Both Ron and Dad were now packed up, Dad suggested I head back to St. Andre, thats the way home and its a nice run. Why not? The day had mellowed out climbs were easier and softer but going just as high. Getting back to launch was easy. I was snapping away with the camera and taking in the scenery.
took another climb to the Chamette flew around a bit and decided it was time to land. The Aerogliss field has a reputation for switchy winds, but it was well behaved on this occasion. A flawless landing was narrowly avoided by me forgetting about the visor, which makes you think you are skimming the ground when in actuallity you are 6 feet up. I started to do my usual half assed flared and run out when I noticed my feet weren't on the ground. Whoops glad the litespeed lands so easily, I stalled and ran in a turn. Must remember that visor next time.

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Ryan Goebel said...

Wow. Beautiful site.., great pictures Ben, makes me want to figure out how to shortpack my glider..