Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Tasks so far Two days left

Task1 was quite a challenge, and late in the afternoon, no-one was able to make it to goal through the stable valley air. I flew low over some very interesting french villages built into the geography of the area. Managed 3rd for the day.Task 2 I got high over launch, breaking through the inversion, and did one 360 on course that amounted to nothing.
I did get to fly low over Sisteron castle though (more on that soon). I landed shortly after, and an hour later watched 12 gliders fly over me.
Todays task, 3 or 4 ? Seemed impossible with 3 different wind directions at different altitudes that always seemed to be a headwind. The 120km flight started from Apres which was very pretty and took us over some more splendid French towns nestled in the rocks. About 12 of us got into goal today eventually. I took 5th for the day I think.

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