Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great little hike.

Well maybe not so little since it was 4 hours and I rode most of it on a bike... But great none the less ;) It starts by this castle up in a secluded col above Lac Castillon. Interestingly it looks across at a new age religious camp, called La Baume which I have not explored yet.The first part was fascinating, the soil was rich and plants and trees absolutely vibrant. I found out later it was a deserted village that had all kinds of fruit trees and herb gardens on the hillside. Quite Enchanting ! The trail winds its way north-east up the lake above St. Julian. Looking toward St Andre.
I stashed the bike in the bushs and hiked up the spine to the top. Awesome views.
I would have liked to have gone around th rim but that would have put be back in the dark.

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