Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reunited in nice Nice

I am a couple of weeks behind now, so I'll hurry back up to speed. After 6 weeks of me in Europe my girlfriend Tracey came to visit. It was her first time in France and I was excited to see her and show her around a bit. I took the train down from St Andre to meet her in Nice. Its a ride in itself.We stayed in Nice a couple of nights, to explore a bit. The headlands south of Nice have a park with a mixture of roman ruins and man made waterfalls.
The views of the city are good from there too.
We rented a scooter for a fun efficient way to get around.
It was so fun we ended up in Monaco. Which is not quite France but not quite its own country either...
There is evidence of affluence to say the least! This unique statue stands over the Monaco Harbor.
The rock at Monaco is the prominent feature with the Palace and and various spiritual centres.
From Monaco we headed back through Nice to Antibes for some dinner.
I think Antibes is quite a stunning town with its medieval architecture right on the mediterainian coast.
We went back in the morning to get some breakfast and look round the market. The market was spectacular withall kinds of weird and wonderful things. Donkey saussice, amongst many other animal meats.
The fresh provential herbs were amazingly arromatic, of course it was harvest time, but still !
And many types of Olives too. The fruits and veg were also of exceptional taste, delicious !

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