Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Single Surface Shootout, Luling, Texas

Here we are in Luling Texas. Its a small town with the friendly small town feel, and oil pumps liberally scattered in and out of town. It appears that the town is known for water melons. In a few weeks here a Water Melon Thump Queen will be chosen. There are some entertaining posters scattered around town, soliciting votes. I am lucky enough to be flying for team Northwing - manufacturer of the Freedom Hang glider. The team consists of Kamron (northwing owner), Joe Evans, Davis Straub, Dan, Chris, Joel Freohlich. Day 1 - a task was set west of Austin airspace, open distance but limited to 4 hours from the first start. Here is Joe taking off on the PX15 Freedom, notice the flat sail.
It turned out to be a very soft day, Joe and Davis managed to get up to base just over 4000ft, I pinned off at 2300ft and drifted in zeros for 15miles or so. Occasionally with 50ft/min up. But mostly just trying to stay in the air. 12 miles out I was joined by Chris Zimmerman, we worked together to try and survive. I seemed to maintain, while Chris sank through me, all the while drifting across not particularly good LZ's at 500 feet.

I was thinking Davis and Joe were way above and infront of me, but actually they were just off to my east. I continued to drift toward the control tower you see over Joe's head. I had looked at the airspace map. Why was there a control tower ? Control tower usually means at least class D. And there were big planes there and I was about 400ft. Thinking I was going to get a "welcome party" I landed next to the windsock out of the way next to the Pilot lounge. No-one came up. I broke down and went into the arrivals lounge, to find San Marcos airport opens at the end of summer. Phew !!
Thanks to Kamron for setting me up with a great flying glider. Right now I can only attest to its sink rate and nice climb handling, since I never really flew straight ! I am sure it does that great too (we will see soon).
The weather looks to be improving through the week.


Zac Majors said...

I want to see detailed pix of the different X-bar fairings! (NW & WW) Are they fixed or free floating? Do they stay on when broke down? Will they be available for purchase?

Do tell!

west coast brit said...

coming up :)