Friday, May 28, 2010

Crossbar fairings

Look at the lines on this glider, there is much attention to detail on the Freedom, what a beautiful glider. A few folks have asked for pictures of the crossbar fairings. Well here is the freedom. When packing up you just rotate them down and fold as normal.Chris is flying the pimped out Falcon 195 - it too has crossbar fairings. They are Mylar with a velcro together trailing edge.
Todays flight was very fun. Good racing conditions, fun climbs and a nice course. 5 made it in to goal, the day was under called deliberately as previous have been over. Todays weather just blew the rest of the week out of the water. After crossing the finish line I climbed back up and flew over town for fun.
It was much cooler at cloudbase. Hot on the ground 97'F ? I got to fly back into goal with Chris Zimmerman.
It was interesting to compare top speeds and glides. 4 of 5 Freedoms in goal today, just one Falcon.

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Unknown said...

tell Joe to start winning or I will come out of retirement. Mike Rabe